Leavers’ Destinations

As part of Wetherby Senior’s commitment to supporting boys in their higher education ambitions, our alumni are now studying at top universities across the UK, continental Europe and North America.

Leavers’ destinations 2023

Wetherby Senior’s Class of 23 are set to join top universities across the UK, continental Europe and North America this autumn.

Following success in their A Levels, the destinations list for Wetherby Senior’s outgoing Year 13 and 2022 gap year students means:

  • of those staying in the UK, 69% will join Russell Group universities, the UK-based group of world-leading research institutions, including Cambridge (one alumnus), UCL (four alumni), King’s College London (four alumni), LSE, Exeter (four alumni) and Southampton (three alumni)
  • almost 20% will be studying outside the UK at top universities in North America or across continental Europe

Wetherby Senior’s newest alumni are set to read a variety of challenging and interesting degree programmes. Of those remaining in the UK, more than a quarter will be studying a STEM subject, with courses ranging from aeronautical engineering at Glasgow to zoology at Bristol.

A third of this outgoing cohort will now study a course related to business, economics or management, while around 30% of those taking humanities options include education at Cambridge, filmmaking at the London Film Academy, film studies at UCL, and two boys set to read classics at Exeter.

Wetherby Senior encourages university ambition and offers bespoke support at a much earlier age than most other schools, with each boy assigned their own university advisor from Year 11 onwards. Applying to study abroad is a specialism of our School and, in line with previous years, around 20% of our Class of 23 will now study outside the UK. This includes seven boys joining world-class universities across the USA like the University of Pennsylvania (Ivy League), New York University (three alumni, including one studying within the prestigious Stern School of Business), University of Southern California and Notre Dame University.

Hear more about how Wetherby Senior’s Sixth Form supports plans to study in the UK from recent alumnus Benjamin, who was part of our Class of 23 and is now studying at the University of Cambridge.

Hear more about how Wetherby Senior’s Sixth Form supports plans to study overseas from recent alumnus Matteo , who was part of our Class of 23 and is now studying at Ivy League institution, University of Pennsylvania.

Leavers’ destinations 2022

Our Class of 22 took up places on a range of courses at world-class institutions in autumn 2022. Of those staying in the UK, 76% joined Russell Group universities in London (such as Imperial College London, UCL and King’s College London) and across the UK, including Manchester, Edinburgh, Exeter and York.

In addition, of our sixth formers starting university in autumn 2022, 43% applied to study outside the UK:

  • 9 sixth formers joined a US college. This included:
    • Our first Wetherby Senior alumnus at an Ivy League institution (University of Pennsylvania)
    • A Wetherby Senior alumnus who successfully applied for the highly competitive Glynn Family Honors Program at the University of Notre Dame
    • Wetherby Senior alumni studying at: Babson College, New York University (3), Northeastern University, University of Notre Dame, Purdue University, and University of California, Berkeley
  • 5 sixth formers joined Canadian colleges – McGill University or Toronto University (including one alumnus awarded a McGill University scholarship)
  • 2 sixth formers joined IE University in Spain
  • 1 sixth former joined Bocconi University in Italy
  • 1 sixth former joined University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands

For a breakdown of our Class of 22 destinations, please see below.

Leavers’ destinations 2021

Our Class of 21 saw 84% of alumni to their first choice university. Some highlights amongst many outstanding courses and destinations include:

  • Medicine at Queen Mary, University of London and at University of Glasgow
  • Mathematics at Imperial College London
  • History, Politics, and Sociology and Psychology at University College, London
  • Geography at Durham University

International destinations include:

  • Georgetown University, USA
  • Bucknell University, USA
  • ESSEC Business School, France

For a breakdown of our Class of 21 destinations, please see below.

Leavers’ destinations 2020

Highlights of our Class of 20 included:

  • 1 alumnus joining Peterhouse College at the University of Cambridge
  • Alumni joining Russell Group universities across London, like Imperial College London, King’s College London, LSE, and UCL
  • Alumni joining Russell Group universities across the UK, including Cardiff, Durham, Exeter and Manchester

International destinations amongst our Class of 20 included:

  • KU Leuven, Belgium
  • Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
  • IE Business School, Madrid
  • McGill University, Canada
  • University of Akron, USA (includes a Football Scholarship)
  • University of Chicago, USA
  • University of Notre Dame, USA
  • Wake Forest University, USA

For a breakdown of our Class of 20 destinations, please see below.

Wetherby Senior sixth formers have been snapping around London, taking photos of what our capital city means to them.

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