All Sixth Formers continue to be members of a Trib and take on leadership roles, supporting the younger members and co-ordinating the Trib teams in the various sporting, artistic and intellectual competitions that take place throughout the year.

School Prefects

In Year 13, some boys are appointed as prefects which reflects the School’s degree of trust and belief in them, but which also involves taking on responsibility for aspects of the day-to-day running of the School as well as having specific responsibility for the Tribs or other parts of School life.

Prefects are chosen in the Spring Term by staff and all member of Year 12 (Lower Sixth). Year 12 boys who are interested in applying are encouraged to speak to current prefects. The different prefect roles include Head Boy, Trib Captain and Form Prefect. The school prefects undertake a wide range of responsibilities including contributing to the weekly assembly programme, representing Wetherby Senior at external events, running activities for younger pupils and undertaking supervision duties. Most notably, they are important role models to the whole school.

School Council

At Wetherby the boys’ opinions about their experience of school life is listened to carefully by teachers. The School Council is the means by which boys can raise concerns or make suggestions about their experience of school life with members of staff. School Council membership is both rewarding in itself and respected in the school community.

Each Trib sends two representatives to School Council meetings which take place on average once per term. These boys, elected by their peers, are responsible for representing their fellow pupils’ interests in the School Council meetings. Suggestions and comments they make are considered by the Headmaster and members of the Senior Leadership Team. Once the Headmaster has considered the suitability of student proposals the Trib representatives inform their peers about decisions that have been made.

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

A group of Year 10 students are trained by The Diana Award to become Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. These boys are leaders in maintaining an anti-bullying culture and fostering the skills and confidence to address different situations, both online and offline. Regular meetings take place between the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors where they put their training into action to help ensure that Wetherby Senior is a safe and positive environment.

Ambassadors are responsible for running Anti-Bullying campaigns, such as Odd Socks Day and Anti-Bullying Week, and providing all pupils with a friendly and approachable face to talk to. With their ABA badges, they can easily be identified around the school and each Ambassador has a specific year group they support and represent.

Peer Mentors

We have 15 Peer Mentors from Year 12 (Lower Sixth) who are trained to play the role of “big brother” and anticipate the issues and questions that younger boys might want to discuss.  Sessions may well be a one-off about a particular issue such as which GCSE options to choose.  However, they could also be the start of a much longer one-to-one conversation between a younger boy and a specific mentor.  All the Year 12 mentors are more than happy to devote as much time as needed to each boy and help support them as they progress through the School.


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