Pastoral care and wellbeing

Pastoral care and wellbeing underpins all we do at Wetherby Senior and, with just over 400 pupils in our School, we are proud to know each boy as an individual.

Pastoral care and wellbeing

Wetherby Senior’s much-praised pastoral system is managed by our Heads of Section, with support from our network of form tutors, who stay in close contact with parents regarding progress of their son.

Our Wellbeing Team provides pupil workshops and parent talks designed to complement our School’s successful PSHE programme. Alongside this, our highly qualified wellbeing team includes two professionals who provide counselling and coaching to nurture the wellbeing and personal development of our boys.

Our Tribs

Our School’s much-loved house system is known as Tribs, short for Tributaries, since each is named after one of London’s hidden rivers – Effra, Fleet, Ravensbourne, Tyburn and Walbrook. Creating a fantastic sense of belonging, our Tribs mean boys feel part of Wetherby Senior from their first day, while providing a fun way to make friends in other years and take on leadership responsibilities.

Our inter-Trib competitions (including music, drama, sport, debating, individual subjects, and more) provide friendly rivalry, alongside cooperation with others in their Trib, as boys work towards winning our coveted end-of-year Thames Trophy.

Hear from our staff

At our Open Day, you’ll meet our current pupils and staff, so you can ask them all about pastoral care and wellbeing at Wetherby Senior. In the meantime, our Deputy Head: Pastoral has recorded a short video about pastoral and wellbeing at Wetherby Senior.

Find out more

See for yourself by registered here to join our Open Day or Visitor Mornings. Remember to follow our School’s social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) to keep up-to-date on life at Wetherby Senior.

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