Wetherby Senior School Staff List 2019-20

Senior Staff

Seth Bolderow BA (Hons), MSt, GTP
Deputy Head Staff and Operations
David Lawrence BA (Hons), MA, PGCE
Deputy Head Pastoral Care and Wellbeing
Christine Pheiffer BA (Hons), QTS
Director of Admissions
Henry Warner BA (Hons), PGCE
Director of Studies
Andrew Atkinson BA (Hons), MA, PGCE
Head of Sixth Form
Dena Deedat BA (Hons), MA, PGCE, FRGS
Head of Middle School
Nicki Ridley BA (Hons), MA, PGCE
Head of Lower School
Kate Eaves MA (Hons), PGCE
Head of Co-Curricular
Hannah Skinner BA (Hons), MSc, QTS
Head of Behaviour for Learning
Robin Montgomery BA (Hons), QTS

Art & Design

Oli Meyer BA (Hons) Director of Art & Design
Nicola Bradley BSc (Hons), QTS Head of Graphic Design
Nathan Murphy BA (Hons), MA, QTS, MRBS
Monty Lewis BA (Hons) Art Technician


Miranda Nash BA (Hons), PGCE Head of Classics & Asst. Head of Lower School
Alice Woods BA (Hons), PGCE Head of Effra

Computer Science

Ilia Avroutine BA (Hons), MA, QTS Head of Computer Science


Abbey Twomey BA (Hons), PGCE Director of Drama & Head of Fleet

Economics & Business Studies

Alex Wingrove BA (Hons), MA, PGCE Head of Economics and Business Studies
Zeynep Holmes BA (Hons), QTS


Lottie Kirk BA (Hons), PGCE Head of English
Adam Chidell BA (Hons), MA, QTS Second in Department
Nicki Ridley BA (Hons), MA, PGCE Head of Middle School
Gervase Gordon BA (Hons), PGCE
Lucy Murray BA (Hons), PGCE


Alayna Smith BA (Hons), PGCE Head of Geography
Dena Deedat BA (Hons), MA, PGCE, FRGS Head of Sixth Form
Lilian Maroudi BSc (Hons), PGCE Head of Ravensbourne

History & Politics

Henry Warner BA (Hons), PGCE Head of History & Director of Admissions
Holly Webb BA (Hons), PGCE Head of Government & Politics
Gillian Mendes da Costa BA (Hons), MA, PGCE Head of Examinations


André Astbury-Palmer BSc (Hons), PGCE Head of Mathematics
George Bowman BSc (Hons), PGCE Second in the Mathematics Department
David Eade BSc (Hons), PGCE
Hannah Sheath BSc (Hons), PGCE
Will Packer BSc (Hons), PGCE
Antony Bray BSc (Hons), PGCE

Modern Foreign Languages

Ruth Atkinson BA (Int) Hon, PGCE Assistant Head of Middle School
Iria Miguez BA (Hons), MA, PGCE
Kate Eaves MA (Hons), PGCE Head of Lower School
Angela Page BA (Hons), PGCE Head of German
Mark Leverage MA, PGCE, NPQH, Päätos Head of French
Cindy Velez BA (Hons), MA PGCE,


Jon Martin MSc, BA (Hons), PGCE Director of Music


Andrew Atkinson BA (Hons), MA, PGCE Head of Philosophy & Director of Studies

Physical Education

James Sullivan BA (Hons), PGCE Director of Sport
Robin Montgomery BA (Hons), QTS Head of Academic PE & Behaviour for Learning
Ryan Underwood BA (Hons) PGCE, QTS Head of Football & Head of Whitestone
Paul Nockels BA (Hons), PGCE, QTLS Head of Serpentine                         


Alex Kyles-Brown M.Sci (Hons), PGCE, MlnstP Head of Science & Head of Physics


Tim Pimlott (BSc (Hons) MSc, PGCE Head of Biology & Head of Walbrook
Hannah Skinner BA (Hons), MSc Head of Co-curricular & Head of Tyburn
Emma Zaman MA, MSc, PGCE (Maternity Cover)


Mehrnoush Ataii BA (Hons), AST, QTS Head of Chemistry
Jack Oxley BA MSci (Hons)
Nathan Mattock Msci (Hons)


Alex Kyles-Brown M.Sci (Hons), PGCE, MlnstP Head of Science & Head of Physics
Daniele Curlante BA (Hons), MSc, PGCE
Frances Buist MPhys (Hons), PGCE

Learning Support

Jo Matthews BSc (Hons), MA (Ed), NASCO Head of Learning Support & SEND Co-ordinator

Wellbeing Team

Rachela Leonello Head of Wellbeing                                  
Shaun Goodwin

Administration and Support Staff

Ann Garcia PA to Headmaster
Tessa Stewart School Secretary
Estelle Gilby Hannah House Receptionist
Kathryn Easthope Registrar
Judith Keaveney BA (Hons) Marketing Manager
Parvin Zaman Finance Officer

Science Technicians

Briony Phillips BSc (Hons)
Kami Shouur BSc (Hons), MScR (Maternity Cover)

IT Support

Lance Coleman IT Technician


Fred Achurch Catering Manager


Ian Waters Facilities Manager
Feysal Ali Assistant Facilities Manager

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Wetherby Senior School Staff List 2019-20

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Wetherby Senior School Staff List 2019-20

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