Scholarships & Bursaries

Wetherby Senior School offers financial assistance in the form of bursaries. These are available through the Gold Standard Charitable Trust. Bursaries are designed to widen access to the school by enabling boys to come who could not otherwise do so, and to allow boys to remain in the event of a change in family circumstances.

Bursaries are subject to a detailed means test. Parents should be aware that the Trust does not have the resources to support all applications and only a limited number of boys will receive support in a given year.

Applicants for 11+ and 16+ and Occasional Places should indicate their intention to request a bursary when they submit their application.

Applicants for 13+ should apply after they have been awarded a place at the school.


The Barometer Half Term 2

The Barometer Half Term 2 2021-22 by Wetherby Senior School...

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