Scholarships & Bursaries

Wetherby Senior is an independent day school for boys, aged 11-18 years, located in Marylebone, in the heart of London.

Means-tested Bursaries

Wetherby Senior offers financial assistance in the form of bursaries which are available through the Gold Standard Charitable Trust. Bursaries are designed to widen access to our School by enabling boys to come who could not otherwise do so, as well as allowing boys to remain at our School, even in the event of a change in family circumstances.

Bursaries are subject to a detailed mean- test. Please be aware that the Trust does not have the resources to support all applications, so only a limited number of boys will receive support in a given year.

Applicants for 11+, 16+ or Occasional Place entry should indicate their intention to request a bursary when they submit their application. Our bursary application process runs alongside the admissions process for applicants at these entry points.

Applicants for 13+ should apply after they have been awarded a place at our School. This application needs to be made by the start of the Spring Term, prior to a boy joining Wetherby Senior in Year 9.

Wetherby Senior Sixth Form Academic Scholarships

Any current Year 11 pupil or prospective Year 12 pupil may apply for a Wetherby Senior Sixth Form Scholarship. These are of monetary value and are expressed as a percentage discount on fees for the whole of your son’s time in our Sixth Form. Being awarded one of our Sixth Form Academic Scholarships is prestigious and scholarship holders will be recognised at Prize Day, in our Summer Term, and expected to continue to contribute to the wider life of our School, as well as excelling in their studies.

Scholarship exams will take place during the second half of Autumn Term, alongside the admissions process for prospective pupils. Please note that these scholarship exams are separate and distinct to the 16+ admissions exams.

Boys will sit two 45-minute papers in subjects they wish to study at A Level. Papers are only available in subjects offered as a GCSE so if, for example, a boy is interested in A Level Politics, then he will be advised to sit a related paper, such as History. The content of each paper will be GCSE-level material.

Our Scholarship Committee will meet and consider the results of the papers, as well as reviewing boys’ existing academic data and their contribution to the wider life of our School.

Other Scholarships

At this point, Wetherby Senior does not offer scholarships outside of our Sixth Form Academic Scholarships. It is planned that other scholarships may be offered in the future and information on this website will be updated accordingly.

Supporting our Wetherby Senior School Bursary Fund

For more information about donating towards our Wetherby Senior School Bursary Fund, please visit our webpage.

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