Wetherby Senior’s careers programme starts from the moment boys join – much earlier than most schools – and aims to instil inspiration, purpose and drive into every pupil.

At Wetherby Senior, our goal is to ensure each boy can fulfil his potential in our increasingly competitive and ever-changing world.

Through our comprehensive approach – including mock interviews, skills-based projects, expert talks, internal discussions, personal development, subject linkage, and co-curricular activities – we equip our pupils with the necessary skills and knowledge to make informed career choices for their future. We explore university options and professional life with support from a brilliant range of potential employers, our own fantastic staff and our wonderful alumni network.

Hear more from our Head of Careers about Wetherby Senior’s innovative and dynamic careers programme for all pupils.

You can also learn more about our comprehensive careers programme in our careers booklet (below) and read outline of the careers initiatives we have in place for each year group.

Lower School - Years 7 and 8

In Years 7 and 8, Wetherby Senior provides a solid foundation upon which boys can build their professional skills for the years to come. This means we engage our boys in various activities and discussions, teach work skills in lessons and offer co-curricular activities to help pupils to develop different interests.

Highlights from our careers-focused initiative in Years 7 and 8 include:

  • Discussing parents’ jobs.
  • Teachers’ previous careers.
  • Linking subjects and classroom learning.
  • Personal development lessons in PSHE and competitions.
  • Exploring strengths, weaknesses and interests.
  • Self-awareness and career possibilities.

Middle School - Years 9, 10 and 11

Wetherby Senior’s commitment to guiding our pupils towards fulfilling and successful futures continues throughout their Middle School years. Key highlights during this time are GCSE choices in Year 9, Morrisby testing in Year 10, and GCSE exams and work experience in Year 11.

Highlights from our career-focused initiatives for Year 9 include:

  • Expanding professional terminology.
  • Narrowing down interest areas.
  • GCSE subject choices.
  • Co-curricular activities aligned with interests.
  • Field Day.
  • Reflection on gained skills and competencies.
  • Increased focus on teamwork and leadership skills.

Highlights from our career-focused initiatives for Year 10 include:

  • Linking subject choices to potential career pathways.
  • Morrisby testing and results.
  • One-on-one independent career advice.
  • Researching work placements.
  • Deepening leadership skills.

Highlights from our career-focused initiatives for Year 11 include:

  • Field trips and workshops.
  • Talks with external speakers.
  • A Level choices.
  • Work experience.
  • Understanding of higher education options or alternative pathways.
  • Participation in scholar programmes.

Sixth Form - Years 12 and 13

Within Wetherby Senior’s Sixth Form, careers support increases as we support our sixth formers in making informed choices about future study and employment.

Highlights from our career-focused initiatives for Years 12 and 13 include:

  • Narrowing down of options.
  • Sector-specific talks with external speakers.
  • Sector-focused knowledge and skills development seminars.
  • University choices and applications, and alternative pathways.
  • Career profile with transferable skills.
  • One-on-one career advice.
  • LinkedIn, social media and CV training.
  • Mock interviews.
  • University taster lectures and open days.
  • Young Enterprise.
  • Morrisby test review.
  • Prefect applications.

Wetherby Senior sixth formers have been snapping around London, taking photos of what our capital city means to them.

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