Clubs & Societies

Wetherby Senior School offers a rich co-curricular programme, the primary purpose of which is to develop confidence, team work and leadership skills – key elements of the boys’ character and an important support to their academic learning.

We offer an extensive range of activities and clubs, from basketball, climbing and boxercise to rock band, film club and digital animation enabling the boys to develop their interests and ideas. A full list of the clubs and societies on offer can be found at the bottom of this page.

There is also an opportunity for boys to gain a greater perspective on important social, political and cultural issues through a range of talks, clubs and societies.


Sports Clubs


1st Team Gym: A gym session for players in the first teams for football and rugby in our school gym

5-aside Football: Played at Seymour Leisure Centre after assembly. Students may make their own way home or be collected from the centre

Basketball: Played at Seymour Leisure Centre, giving the boys an opportunity to play a sport outside of the curriculum. Boys of all ability are encouraged to attend

Boxercise: A high-intensity workout based on boxing moves that helps to improve strength and fitness. No experience is necessary and open to students of all levels of fitness

Climbing: A great way to unwind after a day at school, using the indoor climbing wall at Seymour Leisure Centre undert the supervision of instructors. Novices and experienced climbers are all welcome

Cricket: Boys travel to Lord’s where they participate in coached nets sessions – a great opportunity to continue training over the winter months

Park Run: A fun run around Regent’s Park to get your heart pumping and give you that great Friday feeling:

Spinning (Cycling): The spinning session is held in Seymour Leisure Centre and is a great way to improve endurance, strength and high intensity fitness. No experience required.

Table Tennis: A chance to practise your table tennis skills and challenge your peers to a game

WSS Gym: Gym sessions that take place with the supervision of an experienced personal trainer in the school gym. Lower School boys are taken through challenging workouts that utilise both resistance training and cardiovascular options designed to increase their physical fitness. Upper School boys will have the opportunity to learn about strength and conditioning whilst using the full range of equipment available in the school gym.

Yoga: A great way to start or end a busy school day, Yoga focuses on strength, flexibility, balance and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing.

Music Clubs


Brass ensemble: One of the Music Department’s flagship ensembles. The brass ensemble boys went on tour to Paris in 2019 and have performed concerts across the city, including Coutts Bank

Cello ensemble: Compulsory for all cello players at Wetherby Senior

Funk band: Coached by Mr Ezzard, a professional bass player, who frequently tours the world performing with well-known artists including Herbie Hancock and Weather Report

Guitar ensemble: An acoustic guitar ensemble led by Mr Quinterelli. Boys learn to play in many different styles from jazz to classical

Lower brass band: A club for all of Mr Pipen’s students

Main brass band: The school’s main brass band, for advanced players only

Music tech club: An opportunity to learn how to make the most of Logic X Pro and produce your own music

Music Theory: Prepares students for Grade V theory exam (required if taking Grade VI or higher in any instrument with the ABRSM)

Orchestra: One of the flagship ensembles of the Music Department which performs works ranging from Mozart to Vivaldi

Percussion ensemble: An exciting ensemble playing a range of music on tuned and untuned percussion

Rock school: Rock school is a very successful programme led by Mr McKean, our resident rock star. Boys learn the classic songs that all bands should know!

Senior choir: This club is compulsory for all boys having vocal lessons in school, but is open to other boys who wish to join. We sing in a wide rane of styles

Ten piece band: A group of brass players who perform at weekly assemblies. Invitation only

Training band: For all Year 7 and 8 boys to introduce them to a brass band before joining the main school band

Trumpet ensemble: For all the trumpet players in Wetherby Senior to work on their ensemble skills. Coached by Mr Lewis, a professional trumpet player who performs regularly with orchestras around the country

Ukulele club: A club to learn fun classic songs. No experience is required

Wind ensemble: An ensemble for more experienced students. Led by Ms Roberts, a prefessional oboe player, who performs with the BBC Philharmonic and BBC NOW amongst others

Art & Design Clubs


Art open studio: Open to boys from Year 7 to 13, this club provides an opportunity to continue with both classwork and coursework

Ceramics club: Provides the boys with an opportunity to create a ceramic coil pot including glazing the piece to give the work a textured finish

GCSE and A Level Art & Graphic Design club: Run by Mr Meyer, this club enables boys to work on their coursework

Graphic Design open studio: An opportunity for Miss Bradley’s Graphic Design students to work on their coursework

Modern Languages & Classics Clubs


Ancient Greek: A club for those with an interest in the ancient world who wish to deepen their understanding through the knowledge of Greek. The club is working towards the GCSE in the future and boys interested in taking part will need to commit to another session in the week

Classics club: Open to all boys in Year 7 and 8, this club gives boys the opportunity to explore the Greek and Roman worlds in a fun and creative way. We will cover topics such as Greek mythology, the Roman army and gladiators. You will also learn some Ancient Greek. If creating your own Roman army shield, making gladiator top trumps cards and learning a language even older than Latin sounds appealing, then Classics club is for you!

German clinic: A club where any boys studying German for GCSE can have additional help and practice

Hispanic culture club: Are you a culture vulture? Have you been inspired by learning Spanish at Wetherby Senior and want to broaden your horizons further. Do you want to explore the weird and wonderful world of Hispanic culture? If so, come and join us at Hispanic culture club!

Mandarin club for beginners: Pupils will have the opportunity to learn more about Mandarin Chinese, the most widely spoken language in the world with approximately 1 billion native speakers. Mostly spoken in China, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia, Mandarin has a complex yet fascinating writing system. The club will provide the boys with an opportunity to learn more about system and also to speak in Mandarin, use chopsticks, order food in a Chinese restaurant, understand the origins for Kung Fu and much more

MFL film club: Boys are invited to explore further the French, German and Spanish speaking worlds through some of their best films (shown with English subtitles). After each screening, there will be a discussion about the theme of the film, the cultural similarities and differences as well as the filming techniques

MFL translation bee: This club enables budding linguists to practise for the French, German and Spanish translation competitions that take place later in the year

Senior history society: A chance to explore some areas of history not covered in the classroom and to build the skills necessary to pursue the subject at university level

STEM Clubs


Future medics: For students in Year 11-13 who are considering a career in medicine. This will help you understand the to prepare for the BMAT and UCAT, gain relevant work experience and discuss the application process

First Lego League robotics: Learn how to programme an autonomous robot to compete in the First Lego League competition by scoring points on a themed playing ground

Nature club: How many species do you walk past every day without noticing? London is full of wildlife if you know where to look! If you want to learn more about birds, mammals, insects and plants on your doorstep, Nature club is for you

Online maths challenge: A chance to catch up with your online maths homework

Psychology: Does the idea of learning about Pavlov’s dogs interest you? Is so, then Psychology club is for you. Come and hear about a different psychological case study each week and discuss the ins and outs of the mysteries of the human mind

UKMT Maths Challenge: The UKMT individual maths challenges consist of ‘lively, intriguing questions, which are designed to stimulate interest in maths’. We will be looking at questions from the relevant competition – Junior for Year 7 and 8, Intermediate for Year 9 to 11 and Senior for Sixth Form, plus material from the team maths challenge competitions

Enrichment Clubs


Community service: We want our boys to grow up with a sense of society and service. This club offers boys the chance to volunteer in the local community in order to learn for themselves just how rewarding and productive helping others can be. Some boys will be able to volunteer at St Mary’s Bryanston Square primary school where they will work with children in Key Stage 1, mentoring and providing academic assistance. Boys are also encouraged to organise their own volunteering projects depending on how they want to help the community. Any Sixth Form student who wants to take part in community service can organise a placement for Wednesday afternoons and be exempt from Games

Debating society: In Debating society, we have formal arguments in which two opposing teams propose or oppose a given motion in a series of speeches. Debating teaches you how to think critically, create arguments and present your ideas in a logical and convincing manner

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme: These sessions are held to support boys to complete the internationally recognised Duke of Edinburgh award. We offer Bronze and Silver qualifications to boys in Year 10 and 12 respectively. Each week the boys will mee their mentors who will support them with the completion of the physical, volunteering and skills sections of the award. Boys will complete a practice expedition where they will learn essential first aid, navigation and cooking skills ahead of their qualifying expedition in the summer. Further information is available on the DofE website:

Mindfulness: A club where you can learn relaxation techniques to counter stress and improve your wellbeing

Philosophy club: You will discuss the different philosophers in the western world throughout history, from Ancient Greece to the modern day. This will give you the chance to challenge your own beliefs and develop a healthy scepticism!


Drama, Film and Culture


Barometer club: This year the Barometer will be written by you! A chance to write about things you care about and see your work published, this club is perfect for any keen writers, journalists, editors, critics, photographers, illustrators or designers that would like to help report on goings on at school as well as the wider world

Carnegie Medal book:  The Carnegie Medal is a British literary award that annually recognizes one outstanding new book for children or young adults. The Shadowing Club is an official national scheme which involves students reading this year’s shortlist entries (approximately 6-8 books) and not only discussing them in our group but completing fun, interesting and engaging activities online like book reviews, debates, discussion with other students your age also shadowing

Creative writing: A chance for budding writers to explore their creativity and sharpen their writing skills. The best work will be published in an anthology at the end of the year!

Drama production rehearsals: Being involved in the school productions is an exciting opportunity to be on stage, to act, to work with professional lighting, sound and set designers and to show your friends and families your brilliant performance skills. Starring in a school production is a great way to make new friends, build your confidence, support your public speaking and leadership skills and, most importantly, to enjoy acting!

For each production, the director will host auditions. These auditions will determine the size of your part and, therefore, how often you will need to rehearse. A boy who gets a main part will need to attend regular rehearsals and this will take priority over other clubs you may be signed up. A rehearsal schedule will be created about when you are needed and this will be shared with all actors during the show term. Recent productions include ‘Frankenstein’, ‘Trib Drama’ and ‘We are United’ with between 30 and 60 brilliant actors involved. The Drama Production for Upper School boys will be directed and produced by Miss Twomey. The Lower School production will be produced by Miss Twomey and directed by Mr Giles


Games & Other Interests


Board games: A chance to play some of your favourite board games including: Monopoly, Connect 4, Drafts and many more!

Card games: This club provides boys with the opportunity to learn and take part in a variety of traditional card games: New Market, Rummy, Whist etc., as well as independent card games such as UNO or Fluxx. If you enjoy a logical challenge, this is the club for you!

Chess: A chance to challenge your peers to a game of chess and at the same time improve your problem solving skills

Darts: Learn how to play with the Wetherby Senior darts master himself, Mr Astbury-Palmer!

Dungeons and dragons: Fancy rolling your way through an adventure with a group of friends? Want to manage a team of Orcs to the inaugural Blood Bowl Championship title? Both games are dice rolling board games. One is based around quests through dungeons and the other is like American Football but with fighting. If either sound like your kind of thing, then pick this club! D and D is the original and greatest role playing game.  Centred around storytelling and adventures in a multiuniverse of sword and sorcery, players take on the roles of different characters who travel the magical worlds of D and D, battling terrifying monsters, undertaking dangerous quests and building the skills and experience of their chosen character.  Whatever your character, the potential for adventure and excitement are limited only by your imagination! We will begin playing the basic level version of Dungeons and Dragons with an adventure based around the Lost Mine of Phandelver in the forgotten realms world before playing the advanced version of the game

Investment club: A great opportunity for anyone who is interested in finance and trading! You will learn the basic principles of investing by buying and selling stocks with other traders in a virtual market. You will compete with fellow traders to see who is best at predicting the direction that the stock market will turn

Quiz club: A weekly University Challenge style quiz to challenge boys’ general knowledge. You need to be fast, full of facts, and fun-seeking to ladder up points in this game!

Sudoku: While Sudoku offers good exercise and stimulation for the brain, it can actually be very relaxing. Students also get a real sense of satisfaction from having figured out the puzzles whilst developing problem solving skills

Touch typing: Do you want to learn to type without looking at a keyboard? It is an essential life-long skill that you can learn now! Keep track of your progress and challenge yourself in weekly speed competitions

Sixth Form Clubs


MUN: Model United Nations (MUN) is an activity where you can learn about diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations. It will help develop many important skills including public speaking, debating, critical thinking and teamwork

Young Enterprise: Young Enterprise provides students in Year 12 with the opportunity to set up and run their own business whilst still in school enabling them to improve enterprise and financial skills that are desirable to many employers. If you think you have a great business idea and want to get it off the ground, this is the club for you!

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