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The belief at Wetherby is that we must encourage all pupils to develop their personal skills and to become independent learners. Each pupil will be supported towards achieving his full potential, academically, socially and emotionally. A key part of this is proivding support to subject teachers to meet the needs of all of the students within their classes.


The School aims to identify pupils with needs additional to and different from those that can be addressed within the classroom or with subject catch up sessions at the earliest opportunity and relies on:

  • Referral reports from parents or outside agencies, submitted at the time of application to the school.
  • Medical record for each pupil.
  • Cause for concern from teachers.
  • Cause for concern from a pupil.
  • Cause for concern from parents.
  • Classroom assessments, including whole year assessments as outlined below.
  • Individual assessments by the SENDCO.
  • Formal assessment from external agencies such as educational psychologists or doctors.

The initial point of identification is information received from the pupil’s Primary or Prep school.  In the application process, parents and feeder schools are requested to pass on any information that might be relevant in the identification of a SEND need. Any records or reports that could be useful are passed to the SENDCO who then will share these with the pupil’s tutor and subject teachers.


Provision of differentiated teaching is central to addressing the needs of each individual pupil. Extra support and additional time is granted for those on the SEND register, where recommended, in relation to internal examinations. Where recommended by an educational psychologist, a pupil will be allowed to use a laptop, have an additional 25% exam time and have the use of a live/electronic reader and/or scribe.

Provision is also made for those on the SEND register to have, where recommended, Type C and/or Type A arrangements for External Examinations, such as GCSE and A levels, in accordance with the regulations and guidance notes issued by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ).

For each boy identified as requiring support an individual action plan will be prepared by the School. This will include information about the teaching strategies and provision to be put in place, when the plan is to be reviewed, and the outcome of the action taken. This will be discussed with the Deputy Head Academic who must approve this programme and decide where further action is required.

Progress of all pupils is monitored and evaluated throughout the year.



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AIMS The belief at Wetherby is that we must encourage...

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AIMS The belief at Wetherby is that we must encourage...

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