Fundraising activities at Wetherby Senior enable our boys to raise money for good causes, to learn more about issues facing the world today, and to have fun.

Taking place throughout the academic year, fundraising activities ensure our boys can help make a positive contribution to society, as well as develop their leadership, organisational, and teamwork skills, since most activities are pupil-led.

Recent events have included a 12-hour spin challenge (this used our School’s spin studio and, as an inter-trib competition, saw boys race to complete the equivalent of the length of the River Thames), Christmas box deliveries at the end of 2021, and donations of new and gently used books, as part of World Book Day 2022, to families across London.

Through our School Council, Wetherby Senior has agreed to support three very deserving charities for the current school year:

Crisis (

Crisis are the national charity for homeless people, helping people directly out of homelessness and campaigning for the changes needed to solve it altogether. Following decades of experience of working with thousands of homeless people, they work side by side with people to help rebuild their lives.

Save the Children (

Save the Children is now a global movement but was founded on the belief that every child should have the chance to be who they are and become who they want to be. In the UK, Save the Children focuses on children’s learning and support for families. At present, they are also tackling the triple threat of Covid, conflict and the climate crisis – helping to make a better future possible.

West London Mission (

West London Mission

WLM (West London Mission) has been a vehicle for change for since 1887. Part of the West London Mission Circuit (hich includes Hinde Street Methodist Church, King’s Cross Methodist Church and Methodist Chaplaincy House.), their diverse projects share a common vision of enabling transformative change for people in challenging circumstances.

Before the pandemic, and thanks to the enormous generosity of our boys and parents, we raised more than £75,000 in two years. At this time, our School charities were West London Mission, Walkabout Foundation, and the Marcos, Will and Maria Bursary.

The Marcos, Will and Maria Bursary

Marcos Burnett was a Wetherby Senior pupil, while Will and Maria Henniker-Gotley were Wetherby Senior parents. They tragically lost their lives in the 2016 Italian earthquake but will always be remembered by our School community. This bursary enables our School to provide financial support to some pupils.

Wetherby Senior sixth formers have been snapping around London, taking photos of what our capital city means to them.

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