Middle School Curriculum

As our boys move into the Middle School, they enter a period of growing maturity and academic development culminating in the taking of their GSCEs. During their time in Middle School they learn the importance of managing their time and workload and develop the self-awareness which positions them for successful entry to the Sixth Form. A broad curriculum is followed in the two-year GCSE programme and also includes some important non-examined subjects such as Philosophy and PSHE.

Year 10 and 11 Curriculum Content


English Language/ English Literature / Maths / Biology / Chemistry / Physics / Modern Languages / Philosophy / PE / PSHE (delivered in tutor time)


All pupils do a humanity subject and a modern foreign language and add an additional two options. Pupils in the top maths set also enter for Further Maths GCSE.

History, Geography, Classical Civilisation, French, German, Spanish, Latin, Drama, Art, Graphic Design, Music, Computing


“Boys we met and spoke to were refreshingly individual and polite. They look you in the eye, are confident but not arrogant. This is far from a macho culture.

The Good Schools Guide, 2019

The Barometer - Half Term 5

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Headmaster's blog 06/07/2...

We have now reached the end of a busy academic…

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