Vision, Values, Aims

Our Vision

  • Our vision at Wetherby Senior School is to provide an outstanding, all-round education, supporting our pupils to achieve academically and to develop as people, preparing them to meet the challenges of twenty-first century life, and to contribute confidently to the wider world.

Our Values

  • Our School’s core values are those of character, community and respect. We believe in the importance of striving for personal development, taking one’s part in and serving the wider community, and having respect for and understanding of one another.

Our Aims

  • The academic life of our School is central to what we do. Rigorous learning, and high-quality teaching unlocks the potential of each individual and enables academic success. Our aim is to cultivate and embed a love of learning which will allow our pupils to be adaptable throughout their lives. We foster engagement and resilience through the understanding that effort leads to progress, confidence and success.
  • Excellent pastoral care underpins individual flourishing. We provide an environment in which all members of the community feel supported and secure, enabling them to thrive as individuals.
  • The co-curricular life of our School enriches each pupil, develops their character, and enables them to find and nurture their talents and interests. We offer a high-quality programme of creative arts, sports, and co-curricular activities that give opportunities for leadership, service, teamwork, global engagement and personal growth.
  • We have first-class staff, resources, and facilities to support our aims, and an admissions process that attracts talented pupils who will thrive in our community.

Wetherby Senior sixth formers have been snapping around London, taking photos of what our capital city means to them.

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1. Campus
100 Marylebone Lane,
London W1U 2QU
2. Campus
Hannah House, 13-16 Manchester Street,
London W1U 4DJ
Tel: 020 7535 3530
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