Vision, Values, Aims

Our Vision

Our vision at Wetherby Senior School is to provide an outstanding, progressive all-round education, supporting our pupils to achieve academically and to develop as people, fully preparing them to meet the challenges of being a young man in the twenty-first century and ready to contribute to the communities in which they live.

Our Values

As a diverse community we respect and celebrate difference.  We place great value on friendship and aim to build a supportive community based on trusting relationships.  We endeavour to treat each other with respect and to ensure that all of our interactions are conducted with politeness and good humour.  Above all else we are a community which values kindness.

We celebrate success in all fields of endeavour at the same time as recognising that excellence is achieved by increments and is the result of persistent effort.  We value curiosity, independence of mind, imagination and self-reliance in our work.

Our Aims

At Wetherby Senior School, our aims are:

  • To cultivate the belief that excellent progress in all areas of School life is the reward of effort. In particular we aim to instil in our pupils an understanding that the right effort put into developing key learning habits and taking responsibility for academic work leads to excellent progress; learning how to learn is the best preparation for a happy and successful future in a changing world; everyone has the potential for personal and academic growth.
  • To provide excellent teaching, supported by excellent resources, which enables our pupils to attain high levels of academic achievement. Significant value added performance will produce outstanding examination results that enable our pupils to gain places at top universities in the UK and abroad.
  • Through high quality pastoral care, to provide an environment in which all members of the community feel supported and secure enabling the School to equip the boys to make the most of their lives and to contribute positively to the lives of others. Guided by a PSHE programme that develops an understanding of the importance of physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, the boys are helped to develop the self-reflective capacities and pursue proven strategies which will allow them to maintain their wellbeing now and preserve it in their future lives.
  • To provide a diverse, high quality co-curricular programme that helps every pupil discover and develop their talents. The programme challenges the boys, encourages a breadth of interests and develops character, creativity and teamwork.
  • To provide a range of leadership opportunities that will allow our pupils to develop the skills necessary to have a positive impact on the lives of others.
  • To maintain and develop supportive and open relationships with all members of the School community – pupils, parents, staff and, in due course, alumni – and to raise our profile in the local community and further afield.


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