Studying sustainability

Wetherby Senior pupils have been hearing more about world-leading research into climate change and sustainability education.

Last week our Geography Scholars attended a lecture, at Wetherby Prep School, given by Dr Alison Kitson. An associate professor at UCL, Dr Kitson is now programme director of the new Centre for Climate Change and Sustainability Education, which aims to provide research-informed professional development for teachers and school leaders.

Vangelis, in Year 12, attended this fascinating lecture. He explained: “The topic of Dr Kitson’s lecture was UCL’s Centre for Climate Change and Sustainability Education, and she began with a brief history of the ever-changing relationship between humans and our environment. This then segued into the invaluable nature of education on climate change during children’s formative years.

“As a Geography Scholar at Wetherby Senior, I am treated to an array of talks and events but, prior to this lecture, I don’t think I quite grasped the importance of sustainability education and how easily it can be implemented across almost all subjects.”

Wetherby Senior’s Geography Scholars are those in Years 11 to 13 who have shown a particularly strong aptitude and keen interest in the subject. Our Geography Scholars enjoy a range of activities to extend their learning beyond the classroom, including regularly attending Royal Geographical Society lectures each month, alongside over events and meetings.

Wetherby Senior sixth formers have been snapping around London, taking photos of what our capital city means to them.

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