A Wetherby Senior world first

Wetherby Senior School is set to enjoy a brand new play inspired by the experience of one teacher, written and directed by another, and performed by our youngest pupils.

Taking place on Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th June, The Useless Tree is the first play written by Wetherby Senior teacher Mr Tibbles. He said: “I owe a lot to fellow English teacher, Mr Hayes, for giving me the idea. Last year, he was telling me how upset he was that the land at the bottom of his garden was being destroyed so flats could be built. I was struck by his attachment to the land and inspired by his passion for the environmental impact on the area. I continued to reflect on his story and found the characters of a play starting to form of their own volition.”

Rehearsals for our Lower School production are now well underway, with Mr Tibbles directing our pupils in Years 7 to 9 following auditions last term. Our boys are making good use of a professionally designed set in our School’s Marylebone Lane Drama Studio for the play, which Mr Tibbles has previously described as a tragicomedy with political themes.

Mr Tibbles explains: “At its heart, this play is about the value we choose – or do not choose – to put on our simple, ordinary existence. Climate change and protest are certainly major themes, but it is also about memory, grief, community, and our collective relationship with the local environment.

“I am so grateful for how our Wetherby Senior boys have tackled this script sensitively and maturely. Not only have they embraced the creative freedom of originating a role, but they have conscientiously met my demands for truthful naturalism in their acting. I hope their hard work will make our audiences as proud as I am.”

Tickets are now on sale via ParentPay for The Useless Tree. Parents are reminded that performances in our School’s Drama Studio always sell out, so early booking is advised.

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