Headmaster’s Blog 07.05.21

On ‘Super Thursday’, I set out before school to vote at my local polling station only to discover it was no longer there. For a moment or two, I was slightly nonplussed before gathering my wits and checking Google.  It had moved from St Vincent’s Primary School to the Marylebone Library in New Cavendish Street.  The more I thought about it the more I felt that this was a very good idea and why it had taken the pandemic to encourage us to realise that to sacrifice a day of schooling for young children was not on.  That is not to say that democracy is not precious and that sacrifices must be made to cherish it, but that principle allied with pragmatism often gets the very best outcome.  What better place than a public library, redolent of the opportunity to read and to think freely as it is, to be the location for the polling station? I was reminded of the importance of an open mind when I sat in on an English class in Year 7 this week.  The boys had the task of defending the actions of the indefensible Lady Macbeth, something they did with aplomb as they expressed their case built on the evidence of the play.  It was fantastic to hear their confidence and reasonableness in giving their speeches.

In the spirit of democratic discussion and fresh ideas, the School Council re-convened this week with the Juniors (Years 7-10) meeting on Wednesday. There was a very mature and constructive discussion of the co-curricular club provision and how to encourage boys to run the clubs as well as how best to establish a system for constructive, student-based feedback on lunch menus.  It is great to hear boys of different ages expressing their ideas and listening to each other to agree recommendations and to represent their tutor groups.  The Seniors (Year 11-13) are due to meet on Monday.

School was awash with colour today as boys took part in the charity mufti day.  Boys were encouraged to wear clothes in the colour of their Trib and seemed to enjoy the break from the routine. Looking ahead, rehearsals are underway for the Lower School Play, Unman, Wittering and Zygo, directed by Mr Hayes, which will premiere at the end of term.  Both Mr Hayes and Miss Twomey have been working very hard to devise ways in which the boys from different bubbles can take part in the play and I am very much looking forward to seeing the finished product.  In the meantime, though, all the best to the boys who have dedicated themselves to the production and are busily learning lines and rehearsing.

I also look forward to the reopening of pre and after-school sports club activities as we have been working hard to secure local facilities and additional games options but I will say more about the detail of that next week.

I hope you enjoy the weekend.

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