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3rd July 20

The rise of the sequel in cinemas has replaced endings with cliffhangers or teasers and a good ending is important – endings give meaning to the story we have been enjoying and prompt reflection on what we have just seen.  Our traditional end of year prize giving is also intended to do that, it is an afternoon on the end of term when at the end of a busy year, we can look back on all that has gone before, recognise the achievements and progress the community has made.

I hope that today’s video which the boys will have watched in tutor time will prompt that same reflection and give them a chance to look back with their tutor and friends on their year and all that they have achieved both before and during lockdown.  Good progress has been made by your sons and that I have been receiving shout outs right up until yesterday is a testament to their hard work and that of the staff.  I know that there have been opportunities missed but they have made the most of a very difficult situation.  If they can take that resilience and independence forward into their studies next year they will do well.

And so, as the country begins to re-open, I hope that you are all able to have some time away, to recharge and I look forward to seeing you all in September.

Have a wonderful summer.

Mr Bolderow’s Blog Week 6

8th June 20

Dear Parents,

I hope that you all enjoyed the half term break – the boys have settled back in well and I have enjoyed reading the shout outs this week.  I was also pleased to see so many of the boys engage with the inter-Trib Drama and Music competitions – the quality of the entrants was excellent in both competitions and I look forward in particular to seeing how the music competition develops when we are all back together in the future.

The English Department would like to invite the entire school community to take part in Wetherby’s ‘Celebrate and Educate Reading Scheme’. Building upon this year’s Diversity Day and the School’s ongoing promotion of Wetherby values, the scheme hopes to encourage the celebration and education of diversity and difference. The current Black Lives Matter protests in America have no doubt sparked curiosity and questions from many of the boys. As always, the English Department would like to use literature as a springboard to help the boys further understand and engage with such an important and topical issue.

The English Department will ask boys, parents and staff members to write a short review of their chosen text once they have read it. We hope to share all recommendations and reviews at the end of the term.

As you know, we are working towards reopening for Year 10 and Year 12 on 15th June.  It is important that the boys are given some time in School for their wellbeing and it will also allow us to prepare for next academic year when we may face similar challenges and periods of reduced numbers in School.  Please be reassured that the safety of the community is our priority and meetings have taken place this week, including a walk around of both buildings, to make sure that everything will be in place for a return with social distancing in place.

With best wishes, Seth

Mr Bolderow’s Blog Week 5

22nd May 20

I hope that this last newsletter of the half term finds you well.  I have been informed this week of some families that are unwell with the virus.  I hope that you get well soon and please know you are in my thoughts.

The world of education has been under the spotlight this week with much of the talk around whether schools would or should reopen.  Whilst most of the focus is on primary age children, the government would also like Year 10 and 12 to have some face-to-face time with their teachers before the end of term.  We are currently preparing a timetable for boys to return to school two days per week, so we do not have both year groups in at the same time and help us to maintain social distancing.  The timetable has also been planned so that boys and staff do not have to travel during peak travel times. I must however stress that any reopening is conditional upon the Government’s five tests being met.  Once we have confirmation, which I understand is likely to come towards the end of next week, I will be in touch with more details.

Many staff were pleased and surprised to receive messages from their pupils thanking them for their hard work earlier this week.  It was a much needed boost at the end of a challenging half term.  I was very pleased to receive this message from the PTA which I share with you all:

“On behalf of the WSS PTA, we would like to express our gratitude to all of the teachers, support staff and also the Wellbeing Team who have so quickly adapted to the new way of working. During these very uncertain times, it is reassuring to know that WSS teachers have carried on with the daily task of educating our boys with both professionalism and humour. We salute you all and would like to recognise your vital contributions as we mark National Thank a Teacher Day.”

As ever, I am grateful for the support of the PTA.

This week has seen one of the adaptions we have had to make this term as the Year 11 started on the A Level Foundation Course which will give them a taste of the subject matter they will be covering over the next two years as well as the independence necessary for success at A Level.  That they will have the chance to start the course before we return as well as finding out early if they have made the right choices is an opportunity others have not had and I am pleased to hear that they are embracing the opportunity and working hard.

I hope that you all have a very good half term and I will be in touch with further updates as I have them.

Best wishes, Seth

Mr Bolderow’s Blog Week 4

15th May 20

I hope that this email finds you safe and well.  It has been another good week with lots of shout outs from the staff and excellent work from the boys.  I have had good work shared with me, from Oscar Frederiksen’s computer animation to explain how different variables change pressure (tune into my assembly later for a short snippet), to Lorenzo creating an avatar for Mr Pimlott to use.

I also want to mention the excellent work of Harry Singh Virdee in Year 11 and Monty Cortazzi in Year 12 who have helped West London Mission sort and deliver groceries to homeless men in the area earlier this week.  The men are usually accommodated in the night shelter on Seymour Place but have all been relocated to hotels in the area. They distributed bags and bags of groceries generously donated by Waitrose and I know they hope this is the first of many such deliveries.

As I mentioned in assembly last week, we are saying goodbye to a year group for the first time.  Their commitment to the School Community continues to inspire me – Louis Jegou has offered to tutor younger boys in Maths over Microsoft Teams.  I hope that any younger boys who need help in this area will take Louis up on this very kind offer. A normal Year 13 farewell would include an opportunity for them to talk with staff, share some memories and say goodbyes – Zoom, which has become the tool for all sorts of communicating and socialising, will be the venue for their farewell later today.

Many of the staff have put together farewell videos for our Year 13 leavers to share some stories and memories of the year group (I particularly enjoyed the story about Mr Warner convincing a Duke of Edinburgh participant that they needed to bow to the cows to pass safely through a field) and pass on some words of advice for the future (“never pretend to be more well-read than you actually are”).

I was struck by two things watching the videos – firstly the affection the staff have for the boys and secondly that the boys are taught by a fascinating, interesting, caring and funny group of teachers.  Watching the videos reminded me how lucky I am to have the workmates I have and how much I am looking forward to working with them in person in the future.

I hope you enjoy the weekend.

Best wishes, Seth

Mr Bolderow’s Blog Week 3

11th May 20

Dear Parents,

As ever, I hope this email finds you and your families well.  It has been a positive week at the School – lots of ‘shout outs’ from the staff recognising the achievements of the boys.  What I particularly enjoyed is that the boys in some tutor groups have started giving shout outs to the staff for lessons that they have particularly enjoyed or for recognising their efforts in some other areas.  As you can imagine this has gone down very well with the staff who have received them; mutual support and appreciation is important as we continue in lockdown.

I have been sent several examples of excellent work by the boys over the last few days.  The reports I received from Mrs Skinner that the boys wrote after their virtual Field Day were a very entertaining read; one boy had gone to four of the different sites and boys from every year group filed reports.  The most moving were those who had taken the virtual tour of Anne Frank’s house.  The boys were genuinely reflective and had learnt a lot from that experience. I am also delighted to hear of boys developing their interests or skills while in lockdown and Tommaso S now has a film review Instagram account called the_silver_screen_library.  Films reviewed so far include The Two Popes, London Has Fallen and Victoria and Abdul.

This week, however, is tinged with a little regret.  Today would have been our Leavers’ Morning for Year 13.  The morning would have been a chance for staff and our first Year 13 leavers to reminisce about their time at the School, a last moment to relax in the Sixth Form Centre before heading off to the serious business of A Level revision.  We are going to arrange something for them and the staff via Zoom at the end of next week so we can still have that moment. They have been an excellent year group in so many ways and always risen to the challenge of being the Wetherby Senior pioneers.  I hope there will be a chance to celebrate face to face before they head off to university or at the end of their first term.

Best wishes, Seth

Mr Bolderow’s Blog Week 2

1st May 20

Dear Parents,

I hope that this letter finds you safe and well.  The virus continues to impact members of our community and, as ever, please do let us know if you have been affected as we are here to support in any way we can.

Last night’s press conference gave some hope that the situation will become more relaxed and that elements of everyday life will start to resume although it is going to be a slow process.  The lack of certainty is, I know, challenging for the boys – my five year old says at some point every day, “I just want to go to school” and no matter how successful our remote learning is, I understand that your sons will be missing the social interaction that is such a valuable part of normal school life.  The staff are feeling the same – as one teacher said to me yesterday “teaching is a personal business” and they miss the lighter side of teaching boys that comes when you are all in a classroom working together on a task – the side of teaching that can get lost on Teams.

My assembly today ( draws on some advice from Classical philosophy and I hope that it will give the boys a different perspective.  I am also pleased that it will feel a little bit more like a normal assembly as it will include a piece played on the guitar by Thomas Keeley in Year 7 and I know Mr Martin is drumming up more performances by the boys for future assemblies.

I hope that your sons have made good use of the time today to visit some of the locations on the virtual Field Day.  Whilst routine is key, we felt the opportunity to pursue one of their interests or investigate a new one, was important as was the chance to have a break from the normal timetable after two weeks’ work online.  I am really looking forward to reading some of their accounts and finding out what they learnt.

I hope you all continue to stay safe and well,

With best wishes, Seth

Mr Bolderow’s Blog Week 1

24th April 20

Dear Parents,

I hope that, at the end of this first week back, this newsletter finds you and your family well.  The boys have made a great start to the term and I hope that they have settled back into their work. As we all get used to the challenges of balancing work and day-to-day life in our homes, it is perhaps our boys who have proved the most adaptable of us all!

The School has made some changes to the remote learning which went on in the two weeks before the Easter break as a result of the boys’ survey and the feedback we received from you. I am particularly pleased that co-curricular activities are on offer as during this period of self-isolation, it is important that the boys take a break from their school work, practise other skills or learn something new. The boys have been asked to choose at least one co-curricular activity, whether it be photography, Duolingo or baking and to document their progress on class notes. Please encourage your sons to get involved with these and the inter-Trib competitions that are taking place.

Following some work on my broadband, assembly will be broadcast on YouTube at 3.15pm today through the Wetherby Senior School channel (where you will also find the end of Spring Term assembly and the video some of the staff made at the beginning of the Easter break).  If you wish to join us the link you need is:

I am looking forward to speaking to the boys later and I hope you all stay well.

With best wishes, Seth


Mr Bolderow’s End of Term Blog

3rd April 20

Dear Parents,

I hope you and your families are safe and well. The events of this past week have been both challenging and rewarding for me as I am sure they have been for you and your families. The challenges included planning our last assembly which I wanted all of our boys to be a part of, but connectivity issues meant this has now moved to YouTube!  Being at home with a young family gives me a chance to reconnect while juggling work and makes me realise the importance of balance! Perhaps the most rewarding thing of the past week was the “Clap for Carers” which was an emotional outpouring of thanks for our wonderful carers in the NHS – an event which put our own problems in perspective.

The boys are to be congratulated on their good humoured approach to remote learning. There have been some hiccups in adapting to the new technology, but the boys have approached it in a positive and diligent way. My heartfelt thanks also go to our teaching staff who have shown their customary diligence and dedication in delivering their high quality teaching to the boys. I firmly believe that all the elements of our value wheel have been displayed across our community during these past few weeks.

Congratulations also to some of our Year 13 boys who have received numerous offers for places at prestigious American Universities including Jack C at Wake Forest, Edouard G at Chicago, and Bennett D who has the choice of four colleges, Notre Dame, Vermont, San Diego and Wisconsin-Madison.  Vadim M received an incredible nine offers including UCLA, Virginia and McGill and finally Sean M, our Head Boy, is fielding offers from Haverford, Weslyan and Emory. These are significant achievements as many of these colleges have very low acceptance rates with only 2% of applicants admitted. I am delighted that our pioneer’s hard work throughout their time at Wetherby Senior has been recognised by universities here in the UK, in Europe and further afield.

Many thanks to the Barometer team for their fantastic work throughout this term where, under the guidance of Ms Bradley, they have ensured that we continue to produce this student-led publication even in the most difficult of circumstances. This is truly something we are all proud of.

We are in exceptional and unprecedented times. Notwithstanding this, we hope that you and your families are safe and well and can enjoy some downtime and rest from devices over the coming weeks. Rest assured, I would like nothing more than to welcome all of the boys back to school in person after the Easter holidays but I think we must try to adapt to our new circumstances as they arise.

With best wishes, Seth

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