Year 7 Art & Design – 4th Plinth Entries

The 5th Annual Fourth Plinth Inter-Trib competition saw Year 7 students look at ‘London’ as a theme. The capital was a title that was devised by Mr. Atkinson allowing students to look at this within a cross-curricular context. The results were very impressive, with some students looking at London within a social, historical and cultural outcome.

Many of the entrants showed a clear love of London and a wider admiration for the UK. From a playful nod towards London’s ‘natural wildlife’ to the re-imagining of the Gherkin the boys managed to take something iconic about London and run with it.  Finally, congratulations to all of the entries for giving Mr Atkinson and Mr Lawrence lots to think about during lockdown!

Winner: Daniel Aserkoff  7S 

A striking and topical entrant. Daniel had clearly thought through the potential impact of having a piece of work placed on the Plinth. An opportunity to turn heads and bring to light London’s ongoing fight with knife crime.

Runner Up: Ludo Silvestri 7W 

A fun, but carefully constructed, entry from Ludo. A piece that reminds us that London is the place many of us are proud to call home. For Ludo, carefully placing the ‘H’ near Marylebone showed the time he had spent considering what London meant to him

Runner Up: Elijah Newman 7W 

A beautiful and deceptively complex piece from Elijah. Elijah showed the connected (but also complicated) nature of London through his exploration of the connection between what is above and below street level.


Oreum 7S; Abdo 7S; Deni 7S; Che 7W; Fergus 7W; Leo L 7S; Ryan S 7S and Leonard 7W

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