Sport is an important part of the boy’s development and wellbeing, and is a compulsory activity for all boys at Wetherby Senior School. It is a wonderful activity for developing character, building friendships and staying healthy both physically and mentally. The lessons learned and relationships forged through sport will hold our boys in good stead to make meaningful contributions to society. We will be covering Rugby, Football and Cricket throughout the year and cannot wait to make Wetherby history.

developing a strong culture

The Cultural Framework below outlines the character traits we are looking to develop and instil in boys at Wetherby Senior School. These are transferable to all aspects of their school life including co-curricular, pastoral, and academic and in life beyond Wetherby. Sport is a great vehicle to test these on a regular basis, often under pressure and in the public eye providing wonderful learning experiences.


Games lessons encourage pupils to enjoy exercise and to understand it as a key component of a healthy lifestyle. Pupils benefit from the teachers and facilities, which include the use of the school drama theatre and Wetherby Sports Ground (WGS).

A large number of activities are offered every day, taken by Games staff, subject teachers and professional coaches. The clubs on offer during the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms include fencing indoor football, table tennis, Yofit, Basketball and many more to follow. Wetherby Sport teams regularly participate in competitive fixtures with other schools in Football, Rugby, and Cricket.


Rugby is highly regarded at Wetherby, in tune with the school’s values of courage, perseverance and respect. In games we offer both ‘competitive’ and ‘recreational’ rugby groups to ensure pupil have the highest level of progression and enjoyment. Boys are encouraged to express themselves with the ball in hand. The term closes with a fiercely competitive inter-trib Rugby tournament for all year groups.


Wetherby boys love football. With most year groups offering two teams there is an abundance of competition for all pupils wishing to feature, whether in competitive or recreational football squads.

Boys are taught a wide curriculum of football, focusing on a range of skills and game play. Boys will learn skills through both drills and open games, finding the ball at their feet for the majority of every session. Boys are encouraged to express themselves with the ball. The football term culminates with a fiercely competitive inter-trib football tournament for all year groups.


Wetherby boys also love their cricket and are always excited about the summer term. Wetherby uses all the facilities at Regent’s Park and Wetherby Sports Ground to great effect. The first half of term is used to primarily focus on core skills; bowling, fielding and batting, with matches increasing in regularity in the second half of term.

The second half of term allows those in competitive groups to have more individualised cricket attention, while those involved in recreational groups move onto athletics.