the wetherby pastoral system

At Wetherby we are committed to ensuring that all boys can be the best version of themselves that they can be.  The school’s pastoral system is central to meeting this aim.


Wetherby Senior School is organised into four pastoral groups called Tributaries (Tribs) named after London’s hidden rivers: Effra (from 2016), Fleet, Tyburn and Walbrook.  Each of these Tributaries flows together to form the whole school body.  When he joins the school a boy is placed in a Trib and his pastoral development is overseen by his Trib Tutor.

the role of the trib tutor

The role of the Trib Tutor is central to life at Wetherby.  A boy’s tutor registers him in the morning and delivers the school’s Pastoral Curriculum (PSHCE) during tutor time.  A boy’s tutor is the first point of contact for parents who have concerns about their son and maintains close contact with his teachers to ensure that he is making personal and academic progress during his time at the school.

the pastoral curriculum

The Pastoral Curriculum is divided into four strands: Understanding Myself, Understanding Relationships, Understanding Society, and Staying Healthy and Safe.  Each term from Year 7 to Year 13 boys explore topics within each of these four strands.  The Pastoral Curriculum is designed to equip boys not only with the knowledge and understanding necessary to navigate their adolescent years but also to build valuable personal qualities on which they can draw in the future.