expeditions and trips

The school offers a variety of expeditions and trips at both home and abroad.  Every term the boys venture out of school for a Field Day, each run by a separate department.  The purpose of these days is to complement the academic curriculum of each subject and to promote a passion for the subject in the boys.

Being located in central London we are very fortunate to be able to take advantage of numerous high quality museums, attractions and sites across our capital to expand on the work our boys do in the classroom.  Trips in the past have seen boys do workshops learning the opening number to the Lion King before taking a trip down to the Lyceum Theatre to see the production itself, adventures in Kew Gardens and ZSL London Zoo.

Throughout the year departments also run a variety of optional, academic and co-curricular expeditions for the boys.  Be it climbing in Snowdonia, Geography studies abroad in Croatia, visiting the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva for Physics or a battlefields tour with the History department, there is something to suit everyone.