Wetherby Senior Great Men Initiative

Our partnership with Beyond Equality

All boys from Year 9 upwards benefit from our work with Beyond Equality (formerly the Good Lad Initiative); a team of men who aim to get boys talking about masculinity and gender stereotypes. They are given the opportunity to discuss topics including sexuality, violence, emotional wellbeing, objectification & body image, sex, sexism and consent. The boys take part in bespoke, age-appropriate workshops, tailored to the needs of the year group. As the boys progress through the school, these workshops build on the various themes and issues covered each year. Our school’s values are incorporated into the work done by the team at Beyond Equality, helping us to guide Wetherby boys through adolescence. In addition, Beyond Equality deliver staff training and parent talks to ensure whole community involvement.

Great Men Lecture Series

The Great Men Lecture Series complements our partnership with the team at Beyond Equality. We prepare the boys to be ambitious and successful within their chosen field, whilst also being ready to contribute fully to both society and to the communities in which they live and work.

We want our boys to grow into men who:

  • Embody the values of our school
  • Lead with integrity and sound judgement
  • Are emotionally resilient; able to learn from their mistakes and be self-aware
  • Are articulate, empathetic and non-judgemental
  • Are good role models to others.

Lectures are held on Friday afternoons, when speakers inspire the boys as they share their life experiences. They link their success in the workplace to the values that have made them into great men and suitable role models for our boys.

Lectures are followed with the opportunity for Q&A and networking.

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