Careers Education and Guidance at Wetherby Senior School

The Aims of Wetherby Senior Careers Education

At Wetherby we aim to help pupils develop the knowledge and skills they need to:

  • understand and be able to articulate their interests and abilities;
  • investigate the wide opportunities and benefits attached to Higher Education and work;
  • acquire aspirations for their futures based on a sound understanding of themselves and their capabilities;
  • make independent and informed decisions and plans to manage their transition through GCSE, 6th form, Higher Education and the world of work.

Career Education Programme Delivery

The Careers Education and Guidance Programme for years 7 to 13 is delivered in conjunction with the Pastoral Curriculum and Academic Curriculum.  The careers learning in these programmes include:

  • undertaking a self-assessment of their achievements, qualities, aptitudes and abilities and recording this information for future review and planning;
  • using the outcomes of self-assessment to identify appropriate areas of study and  self-development;
  • setting goals and taking actions to develop the knowledge and skills they need to progress;
  • reflecting on their progress and achievement;
  • identifying and taking advantage of opportunities to add to their experiences and achievements.

In addition to these elements of the pastoral and academic curriculums, students also receive careers education and guidance support through the following school programmes:

  • Work Experience/Work-Related Learning, Year 11
  • Departmental trips, visiting speakers Years 7-13
  • Tutor and teacher support in Years 7-13 aimed at helping boys make informed decisions affecting their academic and professional futures.
  • Careers workshop in Year 12