Science at Wetherby Senior School is taught by subject specialists in a suite of newly refurbished laboratories.

All boys will study three Sciences until the end of Year 11, at which point they have the option to continue their studies with A levels in Biology, Chemistry, or Physics.

teaching and learning

Boys are encouraged to gain healthy scientific curiosity about the world around them, to develop their practical skills, and to listen to the ideas of others.

In Years 7-9, the boys have six periods of Science per week, divided equally among the three Sciences. During the first terms of Years 7 and 9, we follow an in-house Scientific Inquiry Course, planned to help the boys make a successful transition into Senior School Science by developing their practical skills and building on previous work. The boys then follow the Longman 11-14 Course, before starting the Edexcel IGCSE Course during Year 9. Most boys will study the three Separate Sciences but we expect to make the “Dual Award” route available for those boys whom it might benefit.

the co-curriculum

The boys are encouraged to participate in a range of activities offered by the Science Department including Wetherby Scientists and Slo-Motion Club. There will also be opportunities to go on trips, such as the Year Nine trip in June this year to CERN (the world’s largest particle physics laboratory). Field Days so far have included Year Seven visiting London Zoo and Year Nine going to Kew Gardens. We also have trips planned to the Chislehurst Caves and Down House (the home of Charles Darwin). We would welcome any suggestions from the boys as to where we should plan to visit in 2016-17!