Geography is an exciting, forward-thinking subject of increasing importance in today’s world. Geographers are needed to help solve local and global issues such as food and energy security, the spread of disease, causes and consequences of migration and the impacts of global warming. Geography also provides key analytical, numerical and literacy skills.

teaching and learning

At Wetherby Senior School, Geography is taught in specialist rooms on the Fourth Floor of Bulstrode Place. In Years 7-9, boys have 2 lessons of 45 minutes. Fieldwork plays an integral role and so there are a variety of trips offered to complement schemes of work as well as regular non-compulsory trips abroad (Croatia & Slovenia summer 2016, Italy 2017). Boys study a diverse curriculum which aims to tackle world issues as well as provide key skills. In Year 7 Wetherby boys study ‘Pole to Pole’ which looks at the controversies surrounding Antarctica, ‘Rivers’ and finally ‘Redevelopment Catalysed by Sport’. This is peppered with map skills needed at GCSE. In Year 9 boys face some of the world’s most pressing concerns including Globalisation, Development, Geography of Disease and Extreme Weather. At GCSE we will follow the brand new AQA GCSE specification followed by AQA A Level.


As well as joining us on our wide range of trips abroad and in the UK. Wetherby boys can join  Junior Geography Society where we aim to ‘visit’ different countries around the world from our base of London. This can be through food, sport, music and film to name a few. Boys are leaders in planning this society and we have had talks from boys on Namibia, Switzerland and Japan as well as a visit to the Ernest Shackleton Exhibition at the RGS in South Kensington. Below are some photos from our recent trips to South Korea through ‘On the Bab’ restaurant and Nepal through the film Everest. We are also members of the Royal Geographical Society and boys can attend  organised Monday Night Lectures and lectures designed for schools.

geography as an academic option

Geography is recognised as a facilitating subject by the Russell Group of Universities and is one of the most employable degree subjects. Skills learnt in Geography are becoming increasingly valuable such as GIS (Geographical Information System) which is an industry worth £1 billion.

Not only is Geography a vital subject in its own right but it is unique in providing a bridge between the Sciences and the Arts. A-Level geographers read a huge range of subjects at university, from Medicine to Law and Engineering to English.