French at Wetherby Senior School is taught by four subject specialists. All boys can study French until the end of Year 9, at which point they have the option to continue their studies with IGCSE and later A level in French.

We aim for all boys to have the very sound knowledge of grammar which will enable them to use French confidently both in conversation and on paper. Pupils take part in a range of activities such as movie making, singing and role playing and we aim to develop an authentic accent through the use of language software, as well as to practise hearing and understanding French as spoken by native speakers.

The aim is for the boys to be able to express themselves fluently and to have the independence to use original sources such as magazine articles and the internet.


In French boys in Year 7 have 2 periods a week and 3 periods a week thereafter. The boys follow the Tricolore 1-3 course, before starting the Cambridge IGCSE in Year 10. A native speaker French assistant is providing support and one to one speaking practice every lesson from year 8.


Boys can get involved in Wetherby MFL Movie Club, and participate in trips such as the French Language Exchange and a French residential trip, as well as day trips to the Institut Français. Our objective is always to interest them in the French speaking world, its history, civilization and culture.

We believe that the appreciation of a modern foreign language and a different country’s culture is very important for the intellectual development of the boys.


We have 3 language classrooms, as well as a speaking room, language laptops and ipads with the latest language teaching resources. All classroom have interactive boards using the Tango software environment.

The use of ICT in the classroom is planned carefully, to allow boys to practise their speaking, listening and writing skills in class while being monitored and supported in real time.


Mrs Claire Diamond BA (Hons), PGCE  — Head of French

Miss Kate Eaves MA (Hons), PGCE — Head of German

Miss Katie Taylor BA (Hons), PGCE — French teacher (part-time)

Mr Ryan McFaul BA (Hons), MA, PGCE—  Head of Spanish

Miss Eva Berolatti — French teaching assistant

Miss Claire Bouche — French teaching assistant