Computing at Wetherby Senior gives boys the skills and the mindset to not just consume data but actively program computers and understand how today’s computers function.

We overlap with Maths on thinking skills and logic, and we support Art through the use of computer drawing and modelling, as well as the IT skills needed for efficient presentations. Like ketchup, the saying goes, Computing goes well with any subject. Combine it with Languages, and you can build deep machine learning; combine it with Biology and you can make the robots of tomorrow.

Computing is highly regarded by both universities and employers; recent studies indicate that Computing is only second to Economics and Engineering in average graduate wages.

Years 7-8

All students study Computing for two lessons a week. Lessons cover computing design, video and audio editing, spreadsheets modelling, programming in Python and HTML5, as well as algorithmic thinking. Games programming is very popular with the boys, and so is the study of computer components and binary. Pupils get to produce professional quality clipart and logos, instructional videos with original techno soundtracks, as well as complete programs with functions and variables.

Year 9

Students have one lesson per week, where they use their ICT skills from years 7-8 to manage projects and practice some past GCSE Computing questions. There is rigorous testing and emphasis on logical thinking and resilience fine-tuning computer systems.

Year 10-11

Students can choose to take up OCR Computing with extra emphasis on coding and project management. The theory includes relational databases and app creation. Considering the global and UK shortage of Computing professionals, taking Computing puts the boys at the forefront of technology. This subject will also support the boys with engineering and scientific aspirations.