headmaster's welcome

In my role as Headmaster of Wetherby Preparatory School for many years, I have witnessed, at first hand, an increasing demand for all-boys’, independent education in Central London, particularly at senior level.  Now, at Wetherby Senior School, not only is that need addressed but, more importantly, our school is a first-class, dependable option, extending and developing everything for which the Wetherby Group of Schools is so widely recognised. The desire to meet rigorous academic expectations, commitment to sporting excellence and a recognition of the value of exemplary conduct in life are key qualities of ‘The Wetherby Boy’.

Education, at any of our three Wetherby schools, is a unique experience for boys, fostering a spirit and sense of belonging that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Parents form an integral part of our community as schooling, at its best, involves an ongoing relationship between parent, child and school.

As the father of two young boys myself, I understand the importance, and challenges, of choosing the best educational paths for my children and look forward to meeting you to discuss how best we might work together to further the education of your son.