Bed down

Did the hot weather mean you kept a window open last night? Well, Wetherby Senior’s Year 8 took it a little further, with a sponsored sleep out at our School.

Raising over £1,500 for a charity that supports young people facing homelessness in the UK, all members of our Year 8 cohort enthusiastically took part in a sponsored sleep out last night. Good use was made of the enclosed second floor terrace at Hannah House, following an evening of activities to heighten awareness and understanding of homelessness today.

English teacher, Mr Hayes, helped co-ordinate our Year 8’s sleep out. He explained: “Our evening began with a talk about homelessness in the UK, with our boys listening carefully and asking thoughtful questions to our external speaker. After undertaking some project work on issues connected to homelessness, our boys watched the film A Streetcat Named Bob, about a man living on the streets of London with a stray cat. We then bedding down for the night outside.

“I think it is fair to say that all of us – pupils and staff – were rather tired on Friday morning! However, it was a fantastic experience that raised an amazing sum of money for a very worthwhile cause. And we certainly enjoyed our hot breakfast in the School’s Dining Room before starting our day at school.”

Further information about the Sleep At School initiative is available on our School’s JustGiving page, where donations can still be made to support the charity movement End Youth Homelessness:

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Bed down

Did the hot weather mean you kept a window open…

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