Roaming across London

Wetherby Senior’s Year 8 pupils were invading museums with connections to Roman London at last Friday’s Field Day.

Exploring topics related to their Latin studies, our pupils visited the Roman London gallery at the Museum of London and then the London Mithraeum, one of the UK’s most significant archaeological sites which showcases the site of an ancient temple.

Classics teacher, Ms Woods, explained: “At the Museum of London, our boys spent time looking at artefacts from the ancient world in the Roman London gallery, which links to our current lessons on ancient Pompeii. This provided a great opportunity for boys to analyse material sources first-hand.

“Following a short lunch break, we headed to the London Mithraeum, a museum based around an ancient temple where the god, Mithras, was worshipped. As at the Museum of London, the London Mithraeum allowed our pupils to learn more about daily life in Roman London, while further developing their skills at viewing and analysing artefacts.”

Head of Classics, Ms Nash, added: “As well as providing a fascinating insight on Roman London, the London Mithraeum lies over the course of one of our city’s lost rivers, the Walbrook. Of course, this is of particular interest to Wetherby Senior since Walbrook is also one of our School Tribs!”

The Roman London gallery is a permanent exhibition at the Museum of London, enabling visitors to find out how the Romans built the city of Londinium, where London now stands. It is located just a short walk from the London Mithraeum, which was discovered by chance in 1954, when the head of a statue of Mithras was uncovered beneath the rubble of post-war London.

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