On the plus side

As our Spring Term gets underway, Year 12 are going beyond their A Level subjects, thanks to Wetherby Senior’s innovative range of A Level Plus programmes.

With options ranging from a brief history of the USA to an exploration of anthropology, our Sixth Form’s A Level Plus programmes takes our young people beyond the syllabus of their chosen A Levels. Our fascinating A Level Plus classes extend both knowledge and understanding, as well as introducing subjects that young people might want to study further at university.

In today’s Art Appreciation class, our sixth formers looked at a number of contemporary artists, including Felix Gonzalez-Torres and Franz West. With our Director of Art and Graphic Design, this Year 12 group examined the motivations and meanings behind different works that may, at first glance, appear simple but that actually contain powerful messages and meanings.

In addition, young people on our Introduction to Psychology and Sociology option have been thinking critically about what influences our behaviour and how we make sense of our society. Having looked at the psychological approaches of both Sigmund Freud and BF Skinner, our sixth formers will soon learn more about classical sociological theorists like Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim and Max Weber.

Wetherby Senior’s A Level Plus programme, like participation in the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), is designed to help our young people to extend their learning beyond the reach of the usual A Level curriculum, building valuable skills and knowledge for future study and the workplace.

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