Headmaster’s Blog 14.10.21

19th October 21

I hope that this finds you well, and that you and your sons are looking forward to a well-deserved half term break.

This half term seems to have flown by, and as we head into the break, there is much to reflect on and be grateful for. Having spoken with a number of other Heads this week, I certainly think that we have been quite fortunate in the low number of Covid cases across the school. Where others have had to return to bubbles and large numbers of pupils at home, we have been able to carry on fairly normally albeit with our appropriate mitigation measures in place.

This Monday the Music Department put on their first recital of the year, and there were some very fine performances indeed. As with other areas of school life such as sports and visits, it was lovely to return to live performances and I know that there are more concerts in the diary for next half term. We were also treated to a performance by the Brass players in assembly yesterday, and their playing was fantastic – a fitting end to the assembly and half term and I am extremely grateful to Mr Martin and all of the players for their efforts.

We were also privileged to be spoken to in assembly by members of the school’s diversity committee. Formed last year and looked after my Ms Nash this a committee formed of boys from all year groups and is a superb example of boys and staff in the community demonstrating our commitment to, and engagement with, issues relating to diversity and inclusion within and beyond the school.  The School Council has also been meeting in the last few weeks, and they have been engaged in reviewing some key school policies for us – a very adult but important aspect of their role and it is an opportunity for the voices of our pupils to feed into what we do.

Before I sign off, it is important to offer my thanks to all members of the school community for their hard work over the last seven weeks; and to note the hard work, enthusiasm, and good cheer of boys and staff alike as they have all come back together. My thanks also to you – the parent body for your support of me and of the school. I have very much enjoyed meeting many of you at the coffee mornings and parents’ evenings this half term.

I hope you have a lovely restful half term, and I will see you in November.

Headmaster’s Blog 08.10.21

11th October 21

I hope this finds you well and that you have all had a good week. Here in school, we have enjoyed a busy week with a full programme of events. Before I note some of the highlights, I must begin with a vote of thanks to all of you who so generously sent in items to Hannah House to be forwarded on to the Afghan refugees who are currently being accommodated in the Hilton Metropole nearby. A huge number of donations were taken over by the PTA and they were very gratefully received. I am extremely proud to be a part of a school that can spring into action so adroitly in order to help others. On a further fundraising note, Mrs Magee oversaw an extremely successful recycled uniform sale, raising the terrific sum of £1844. My thanks go to her and those who were helping.

This week’s theatre trip was to ‘The Mousetrap’ which is playing at St Martin’s Theatre. Returning to a familiar theme of our enjoyment of normality, it was great to chat with the boys before they went about their looking forward to an evening out, and the following day Miss Twomey made a point of coming to see me to let me know that the boys had very much enjoyed the play and had also been exemplary ambassadors for the school. My thanks go to Miss Twomey for organising, and a well-done and thank you to the boys for their representation of the school in such a fine fashion.

Over the course of the week, some Sixth Form boys have started to receive offers from different universities. Those who have finished their UCAS forms and submitted them, and those who have been applying overseas are starting to see the fruits of their labors. European destinations are already well represented with offers from IE University in Madrid, and Bocconi in Milan. Over the coming weeks I will keep you abreast of other offers as they come in, and I wish all boys well in the process.

The Music department has their first performances of the year, and I am very much looking forward to the piano recital programme on Monday afternoon, and also to the Brass Band performing in assembly next Friday afternoon to play us into the half term break.

Headmaster’s Blog 01.10.21

5th October 21

I hope that this finds you well. The school has felt rather empty this week as we waved off all of Years 7 and 9 on Wednesday on residential visits. At the time of writing, the dispatches we have received back here at HQ are all positive – the boys seem to really be enjoying themselves and (in the main) the weather has held up nicely! As with so many aspects of school life over these past few weeks, it is great to be able to offer trips and visits again as they are such an integral part of the broad offer that we make here. It is often the case that when pupils look back on their time in a school, their experiences on tips and visits stand out. They are a chance to cement and develop friendships, to challenge oneself in unfamiliar settings, and to come together as a class / year etc. and enjoy a shared experience. For the boys out this week, I very much hope that this has been the case and although they will be tired this weekend, they will be able to say that the trips were well worth it. Of course, trips do not happen without significant input from members of staff, and I’d like to thank all those staff who have been away this week and given up their time so that the Wetherby pupils can have the best possible experience.

This week has seen the last of my ‘Meet the Headmaster’ coffee mornings, and I have very much enjoyed all of them – it has been wonderful to meet so many of you in person and to begin to get to know you. As I have said to many of you, schools work best when there is honest and open communication between all parties, and I would encourage you to remember this – if there is anything at all you have questions about, or would like to share with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch. For matters relating directly to your son, please write to his form tutor in the first instance.

It is our Open Day this Saturday, and I want to thank you in advance for supporting us with your son’s presence as a tour guide! The boys are the very best ambassadors the school could hope to have, and I know that I will feel very proud indeed watching them guide groups around the school and share with prospective parents what a wonderful place this is.

With best wishes for the weekend.

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