Headmaster’s Blog 19.03.21

As I said last week, I have been very impressed with the manner in which Year 11 and Year 13 have approached their work and I was delighted to be informed that Year 11 have managed an outstanding week – no late preps and no red notes.  I am so pleased that they have responded to this difficult situation by taking responsibility and recognising that they still need to work hard to provide us with the evidence that shows they are eligible for the top grades.  The School is alert to updates from Ofqual and please be reassured that the focus throughout will be doing the best that we can for the boys in those year groups.  Equally, as we saw with last year’s GCSE and A Level sets, the boys should not make assumptions about grades that will be given and should continue to work through to the end of the course.

Something I have enjoyed seeing as the School has matured is the number of boys who are prepared to take on responsibility for improving the school and its community.  Following on from the success of our first anti-bullying ambassadors, who had the challenge of promoting an anti-bullying stance via Teams, seven Year 10 boys attended online training yesterday provided by the Diana Award. Miss Murray remarked that they were great representatives for the School; the trainer was very impressed by their understanding of bullying behaviours and their articulate and sensitive answers. I know that she was very proud of them! They are setting a wonderful example of leadership and promoting a sense of community.

They will be working over the year to implement strategies and ideas for anti-bullying behaviours in School. They have already come up with some great ideas including training teachers about cyber-bullying, Feel-good Fridays, Ambassador working lunches, videos to highlight bullying behaviours and creating a student-friendly anti-bullying policy.  Watch this space!

The sensitivity and the positive engagement that these boys showed with the issue of bullying has also been in evidence in the discussions that have taken place this week around the difficult topic of violence against women and how we can find solutions.  All boys in Years 7 to 13 have had age appropriate lessons on this topic and the tutors have been very impressed with sensible suggestions and the mature approach they have shown.

I am very pleased with the way all the boys have returned to school and that on our return the key threads of the School’s vision – that they make the most of the opportunities to grow academically and as people – are still central to what the boys are doing here.

Have a good weekend

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