Head’s Blog 26.02.21

Dear parents,

I am sure you are pleased, as I am, that the boys will be returning to School in the week beginning 8th March.  We appreciate that lockdown life is challenging for families and learning online can be difficult for the boys but, as we approach the end, thank you again for all you have done to support the boys and the school during this time.  Your help following up work, encouragement of your sons and the kind emails you have sent are much appreciated and we look forward to getting back to work under the new normal in the next couple of weeks.

Whilst the focus in the media is on the logistical challenges, we must remember that the return to School is about so much more than those things that we have to do over the next few weeks.  I have spoken to the boys this afternoon about the importance of rekindling the things that make Wetherby such a warm and welcoming community even though the way in which we have to operate puts barriers in the way of some of our usual interactions.  Even with the testing that will need to continue in the first and second week of our return, I hope we can quickly start to move towards the warm, collegiate school that is a big part of who we are.

I hope that you enjoy the weekend.

With best wishes, Seth

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Dear parents, I am sure you are pleased, as I...

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Dear parents, I am sure you are pleased, as I...

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