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28th September 20

I hope that you have all had a good week.  Again I have been pleased by the way the boys have responded to the circumstances in which we are running the School.  I am also grateful to you for the steps you have taken to make sure the school is safe and kept your sons out of school if they are showing potential symptoms.  It is tough that the last few months have seen us all make sacrifices and it is to last for a while yet, but I hope you will continue to reinforce the message with your sons that the steps being put in place at School and more widely are important for all of us.

Clubs are now running every lunchtime for those year groups not attending games.  Please encourage your sons to get involved in the activities where possible – duty staff in Hannah House are encouraging them towards the clubs and tutors will be monitoring involvement but do also have a conversation with your sons about what they can do to make the best use of their time.  From Ukelele Club Ensemble to Cryptic Crosswords, from DJ-ing to Mandarin, Debating to Coding as well as Psychology and Sociology Club for the Sixth Form.  It is sad that the full range cannot be open to everyone but there is a broad programme in place for when normality returns.

I was pleased today to be given an afternoon off my weekly Team assembly by the Head Boy, Monty Cortazzi, and his two deputies, who made a film for the School about studying and study skills.  They not only shared their own experiences but also drew on the knowledge of some of the teaching staff – Mr Bray, Ms Ataii and Mr Eade.  It is not easy to establish yourself as the leaders of the student body when you are operating in a bubble but they delivered a strong message to the community and I hope the boys will take away a few tips that they can incorporate into their own routines.

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21st September 20

Today started well – first thing this morning, as the boys were arriving at School, a number of last year’s leavers gathered to present an honours board as a souvenir of their time at the School.  Some have already made their way to university, others head off this weekend and a few are starting courses remotely at home.  It was lovely to see them all, to give them their Old Boys ties and to share a few memories with them.  They were a year group, and a set of parents, who did so much to support the School in its early days and although it wasn’t the event we planned, it was great to see them and hopefully the rules will let us be all in one place soon.

So, as the leavers pack their trunks, we turned our thoughts earlier this week to the future plans of our current pupils.  On Wednesday evening, Mrs Deedat and Jason Smith from UES hosted a webinar with representatives from USC, Notre Dame, NYU, Wake Forest and the university I find most fascinating, St John’s College, at which all students follow the Great Books curriculum, reading around 200 of the greatest books ever written, starting with Homer’s Iliad and finishing in the modern era.  Listening to the different speakers I find myself both envious of and excited for the boys who have such a range of opportunity today.

Sixty clubs and activities returned to School from this week, with all the boys having their first Friday session today.  The bubbles do not allow the free choice across all the clubs that the boys had last year but there is a range of options in each year group which I hope they will enjoy.  Once the sports venues reopen we will add those back in too.  As with all things, we will keep reviewing the offering and making adjustments.  The Barometer, our pupil-led publication, is the first club that will operate across all year groups via Teams and we look forward to their first edition at half term.  All boys are welcome and encouraged to contribute to it.

Barometer Half Term 4

Today started well – first thing this morning, as the...

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